What is WordSwing?

Chinese practice through text adventure games, comics, and more.

For intermediate (and up) students of Mandarin Chinese.

Ready to dive in?

Explore worlds and challenge your comprehension in our text adventure games.

These games are our most popular activity. They are a cross between a role-playing game (RPG), interactive graded reader, and choose-your-own adventure. Learn more.

Follow the adventures of Pepper and Carrot, a delightful open source web comic created by David Revoy.

We've added Chinese narrative to go with the spectacular imagery so you can leverage the visual context to aid your listening and reading comprehension.

Read and listen to interesting and topical dialogs.

Also on iOS and Android

Our iOS and Android apps offer a better mobile experience and feature all of our Text Adventure Games, Comics, Dialogs, and the Pronunciation Recall activity.

Is WordSwing right for me?

Currently WordSwing is targeted at intermediate to upper-intermediate learners of Mandarin Chinese. Part of this is because WordSwing is a practice tool, and not a tool designed to teach the basics of how Chinese is pronounced nor does it provide much in the way of grammar explanation (yet). But another important reason is that it is intermediate learners who most suffer from a poorly personalized learning experience. For beginners, it often works fairly well to follow a standard introductory sequence. But by the time students learn a bunch of words, each student often knows a different subset of the language, making most material inappropriate for most learners.

Often WordSwing is appropriate for individuals that know at least 500 characters (find out how many you know). Gradually, we'll be introducing more material appropriate for beginners, as this is the largest population of learners. So stay tuned!

The one exception is our Tone Course, which is targeted at complete or near beginners. This course was produced in collaboration with Hacking Chinese.

Ever wondered how many Chinese characters you know? Try our character knowledge estimator.

Who are we?

Kevin is the founder of WordSwing and a language-learning enthusiast. His background is in computer science, evolutionary biology, and statistics. His current mission is to make languages more accessible through limitless practice opportunities, smart personalization, and a data-centric and evidenced-based approach to language learning. First up: Chinese.

Olle is a teacher and educator from Sweden who is interested in almost everything, but especially in how to best learn Chinese as an adult. He is currently enrolled in an M.A program for teaching Chinese as a second language in Taiwan. Apart from WordSwing, he is also the founder of Hacking Chinese, a website dedicated to helping students learning how to learn Chinese.

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