Quiz Tournaments: Welcome

Compete with your friends and other WordSwing students in a fun race against the clock to answer short, multiple-choice questions.

A Quiz Tournament is a friendly competition between two WordSwing students. You can pick an opponent, invite a friend, or have WordSwing select an opponent for you. Each tournaent consists of a few rounds of multiple-choice questions.

Here's an example reading comprehension question:

You will have a minute or two to try and answer the question without the help of WordSwing's built-in learning tools. After each question, regardless of whether you get it right or wrong, you will be able to use WordSwing's tools to study the question and possible answers at your leasure. The more tournaments you participate in, the better you will perform, both because you will be improving your Chinese, and because some of the questions will re-occur and thus will be familiar to you.

Here is what a partially completed tournament looks like:

Your progress is shown on the left, while your opponent's progress is shown on the right. Each subsequent round becomes unlocked when both you and your opponent have completed the previous round.

You will have 5 days to complete each round. If you fail to complete a round in that time, then the tournament will expire, and you will forfeit the win to your opponent.

Ready to challenge yourself and an opponent in a Quiz Tournament?

Participating in Quiz Tournaments requires joining WordSwing (free).

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