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(Cover art by Kerim Akyuz)
Into the Haze

An unknown catastrophe has ended civilisation as we know it. You live in a small society of survivors on a hill outside the big city where the air is just barely breathable. In the city, it's worse, but riches left from before the catastrophe still lures people into the deadly mist. Including your brother. And now he's gone missing. With your gas mask and a few days of supplies, you enter the city. Will you find your brother? What else hides in the mist?

Level: Upper-intermediate
Distinct Chinese characters: 649
Free choice

Tips: This sprawling game with lots of free-choice involves both staying healthy and managing resources, such as your air supply and tools. This game also features random encounters and some outcomes depend on the roll of a die. A choice you make about want kind of person your character is affects many outcomes throughout the game. You’ll need to play several times to explore, and drawing a map is essential.

You can play the beginning of this game for free.
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