Interactive text adventure games
for intermediate students of Chinese

Improve your Chinese by playing engaging games suitable for your level.


You find yourself locked in a room but you don't remember how you got there. You have a bad feeling about this and decide to escape before something even worse happens. In this game, you will need to use both your Chinese and your wits to escape!
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For a learner of Chinese who already knows a few hundred characters, the games here are a fantastic way to improve your vocabulary and reading skills.
— Andy
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Explore imaginary worlds and solve puzzles using only your Chinese.
Before you know it, you will have read thousands of characters of text, and it won’t even feel like studying.
Interactive and engaging
The story unfolds in response to the choices you make as you direct your character through the game.
Hours and hours of game play
Each game offers 3-10+ hours of game play as you explore different paths.
Carefully tailored
Our games are carefully written to target intermediate and upper-intermediate students of Chinese and we go to great lengths to avoid difficult language and rare characters.
Grow your fluency, quickly
Without even noticing, you will quickly master vocabulary at a rate you never thought possible.
Just wanted to say I am loving the game into the haze! It's been slightly taking over my life though! haha
— Matthew

Dive in to an adventure

Watch a game walkthrough

Olle provides a detailed walkthrough of how to play our game, The Magistrate's Gallery:


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Wow! What a unique experience! It reminds me of the old text pc game ZORK. [...] This program is fantastic! The story is engrossing and to my surprise I began to remember the Hanzi characters.
— Anonymous
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Why are these games so effective?

You learn the most when you are engaged and motivated. Our games reward careful reading and listening:

  • Understanding is the key to progress. There are hints throughout each game so that by understanding you unlock the puzzles and overcome the challenges.
  • Choices are carefully crafted so that some are better than others. By paying careful attention you can make the best one. And if you make the wrong one? You can assimilate your understanding of what happens to better understand the choice dynamic.
  • Trying several ways to get through the game exposes you to the same vocabulary many times, often in different context or rephrasings.
I played Escape《逃出去》with my Advanced Placement (AP) high school Chinese class and with a fourth-year Chinese class. The game allowed us meaningful reading (and re-reading) experiences in the context of a gripping and suspenseful story. There were several times when class ended and students were disappointed not to be able to continue playing!
— Diane N.
(Chinese teacher)
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